First Visit Experience

It is immediately noticeable that something is different about Palmetto Dental Associates from your very first appointment. At PDA, we practice "comprehensive dentistry," which is the ideal way to avoid the frustration of a tooth hurting or breaking when it is least convenient. By focusing on your specific needs and desires, our dentists carefully listen and create a custom treatment plan best suited for your timeline, as well as your personal and financial situation. You will receive a comprehensive treatment plan for any and all needed dental work, and then you can make the educated decision on how you would like to proceed.

typical appointment

Prepare to be at your "new patient appointment" for approximately 1.5 hours. During this time, your dentist will get to know you, take a series of teeth photographs, take appropriate radiographs (x-rays), do a comprehensive exam, and formulate a plan of any needed treatment. Once you are fully aware of everything going on in your mouth, you and your dentist will then work together to decide where it is most ideal to begin. 

will i get my teeth cleaned?

Because everyone's mouth is different and there are multiple types of dental cleanings, we do not clean your teeth on your first visit. During your comprehensive exam, your dentist will determine the health of your bone and gums and advise you on which type of cleaning would be best. Usually, you will get your teeth cleaning at your second visit. To meet our wonderful team of dental hygienists, click here. 

How do I get scheduled?

To schedule an appointment, you can complete our "Contact Us" form here, or you can call our office directly. For the Lexington office, call 803-808-0888. For the Harbison office, call 803-732-0900.

New Patient Paperwork

If you would like to save time and complete your registration forms prior to your initial appointment, you may do so here