Advanced Dentistry

Sometimes folks require more dentistry than merely fillings and crowns. If you think all of your teeth may be lost, we would be happy to talk with you about a permanent, fixed solution.  Our dentists are also trained specifically in bite adjustments and the alleviation of TMJ pain. 

Full Mouth Makeover Lexington SC Columbia SC Hartsville SC Florence SC

Full Mouth Makeover

When all teeth are compromised by cracks and wear, they often must be crowned to restore proper form and function. This is a great way to rejuvenate not only your appearance, but also the health of your mouth and your ability to chew well. 

Teeth in a day hybrid dentures all-on-4 Lexington SC Columbia SC Hartsville SC Florence SC

Hybrid Dentures / "All-on-4"

If all teeth must be removed or are already missing, a wonderful option is now available to get permanent teeth - in just one day - fixed on 4 or 5 implants per arch. Gone is the time of removable complete dentures being your only option!

TMJ Pain

Bite Equilibration / TMJ Pain Treatment

Popping, painful jaw joints, sore cheek muscles, headaches, worn and breaking teeth...all of these problems can be alleviated by a bite adjustment ("equilibration") and wearing a custom fit occlusal guard nightly.